Lulu suddenly realized life was upside down and she should be living from the inside out instead of the outside in...

Being mindful is a learned discipline, but not a difficult one.   Paying attention to how you feel, physically and mentally.  Meditation, exercise, even a 10 minute walk outside will get you there.  Keeping a journal is a great way to get back to yourself. 

Set an intention, every day.  What do you want for or from yourself today?  What can you do to make it happen?  Look for opportunities to make it happen, they will appear.

Center yourself.  What makes you feel balanced?  Do it often, even if it is just focusing on your breath and how effortless it is.

Be grateful for everything that happens without labeling it as good or bad.  There is duality in all of life, it's what keeps it interesting.  The key to the game is discovering what you can learn from all that happens and often there is a gift.  Being mindful opens you to receiving the gifts your life gives to you every day.

Surrender.  Living in a constant state of desire, lack and scarcity thinking will keep you that way.  You get what you focus on.  Focus on the good in your life, what makes you happy, so you don't attract more of what you don't want.

Ultimately, you will love yourself.  My art is simply to remind you of that.

Digital Rabbit Hole Spiritual Reminder Everyday Products, Surreal Images Using Photo Manipulation, Contemporary Art Posters, Greeting Cards, Postcards, mugs, gifts, and more.

Dahlia knew if she just followed her bliss, it would lead to something really, really, really big...


Young Sophia found that for now,  it was so much easier to train a seal to help build her castle of love than it was to train a boy...

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Digital Rabbit Hole

Some people have asked why I use so many animals instead of people in my work. I feel when most of us look at a photo of another human, our subconscious mind immediately sets to work judging, critiquing, and comparing that image.  Animals are disarming and make the viewer more receptive to the message of each piece.  My animals are very spiritually enlightened and also adept at pondering the psychological aspects of the journey of life.  My objective is to share some humor, hope, encouragement, enlightenment, empowerment, love, compassion and of course art, on products that remind us how amazing we are.

Digital Rabbit Hole is a collection of images.  Various surreal, humorous, quirky and fantastic scenes and verses, snippets of life.  Inspired by my life events.  We all have them.  I believe our burdens and abilities are gifts meant to lead us to the path home.  If we are searching for a more meaningful life,  going deep within, a higher love,  and no longer caring who approves of us as long as we approve of ourselves.

by Christina barnes - Imaginographer



Just by looking at the definitions, without even reading them, MINDFULNESS is clearly a more simple way to live.  Which category do you fall into?  Which category would you prefer to fall into?  When?

MINDLESSNESS- Not using one's mind, showing little or no intelligence or intellect.  Senseless or thoughtless, taking no thought, heedless or careless, unmindful.

MINDFULNESS- Having in mind, aware, heedful or careful, to be mindful.

Art that tickles the mind, flows through the heart and hangs on the walls of the soul. 

Once Maisie realized she had created the illusion of what her life was, and it could be anything she imagined, she played with reckless abandon...

Bernice decided to start living her life fearlessly...

Why a rabbit?

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