Digital Rabbit Hole

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by Christina barnes - Imaginographer

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Why I created digital rabbit hole...

Why a rabbit?

Bernice decided to start living her life fearlessly...

Once Maisie realized she had created the illusion of what her life was, and it could be anything she imagined, she played with reckless abandon...

Young Sophia found that for now,  it was so much easier to train a seal to help build her castle of love than it was to train a boy...

Dahlia knew if she just followed her bliss, it would lead to something really, really, really big...


Digital Rabbit Hole is a collection of images I've manipulated into various surreal, humorous, quirky and fantastic scenes.  The images are inspired by an awakening of sorts brought on by life events. I believe our burdens are gifts meant to lead us to the path home if we are searching,  going deep within, accepting the duality of life, ourselves, a higher love,   and no longer caring who approves of us.

Some people have asked why I use so many animals instead of people in my work. I feel when most of us look at a photo of another human, our subconscious mind immediately sets to work judging, critiquing, and comparing that image.  Animals are disarming and make the viewer more receptive to the message of each piece.  My animals are very spiritually enlightened and also adept at pondering the psychological aspects of the journey of life.  My objective is to share some humor, hope, encouragement, enlightenment, empowerment, love, compassion and of course art, on products that remind us how amazing we are.

Art that tickles the mind, flows through the heart and hangs on the walls of the soul. 

Digital Rabbit Hole Spiritual Reminder Everyday Products, Surreal Images Using Photo Manipulation, Contemporary Art Posters, Greeting Cards, Postcards, mugs, gifts, and more.


can a depressed giraffe on the beach help you keep your perspective on life?

How can a pink flamingo inspire you to feel your fears, and do it anyway?

How can a wine sipping, sassy cheetah encourage you to celebrate your own company?

If you have embarked on a spiritual path you've discovered it is a culmination of many teachers in many forms.  Each leading you intuitively, to the next lesson in learning awareness and letting yourself be guided by a higher power.  And, you're also learning, that it doesn't happen overnight.  It truly is a journey, but one of joy.

The way to higher consciousness is not only step by step, but more importantly, thought by thought.



Loving yourself unconditionally is the magic ingredient to a more joyful life.  Among the many benefits, it enhances your immune system, helps you be more successful, let go of self limiting fears, doubt, judgment, anger & resentments.  It's a love like no other.  But, we get busy, frustrated, we forget to practice, and little changes.  Our days have little to do with higher consciousness. UNLESS... 

What if you replaced some of the objects you use throughout your day with ones that reminded you to check in with your head and your heart?  Wildly attractive and unique images and verses on an ever expanding array of switchable items to rejuvenate  your uninspiring coffee mug, your cutting board or perhaps your mouse pad?  How about an earth loving, yet provocative "grown up" lunch box that will keep your 'tude on track come lunchtime, and probably start more than a few interesting conversations?

Designs guaranteed to light up multiple parts of your brain at once and make you smile.  Look through the gallery, click on the images that resonate with you, click through to the store and choose a product.  It should quickly show up on your doorstep.  Easy peasy.  High quality products, made in the USA, by socially conscious companies.  Add a 30 day return policy, and life is just, well, it's beautifulNow, go to the gallery to find out about the depressed giraffe, the wine sipping cheetahand thepink flamingo

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Lulu suddenly realized life was upside down and she should be living from the inside out instead of the outside in...