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by Christina barnes - Imaginographer

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Bernice decided to start living her life fearlessly...

Once Maisie learned that what she could see wasn't real and what she could see was, she played with reckless abandon...

Sophia found it was so much easier to train a seal to help build her castle of love than it was to train a boy...

Dahlia knew if she just followed her bliss, it would lead to something really, really...really big...

Confession: I don't know the first thing about photography.   I'm not a photographer. 

I always hope nobody asks me about F- Stops, etc.  I use my camera more as a paint brush dipped in inspiration.  I am so grateful to be living in the digital age.  Can I be an Imaginographer?



For anyone not familiar with Zazzle, it is an on demand print company.  That description does not begin to do it justice.  The quality is superb on the prints, color that bedazzles you, paper that makes your fingers say "Ahhhh, nice...".  And all that sensory pleasure for an amazing price.  Aside from the quality and service, you can customize well over 300 products.  It's an amazing place for artists to share their work with the world.  Please check my store often as I will be adding new images frequently.

Art that tickles the mind, flows through the heart and hangs on the walls of the soul.